Premiere Red Velvet X CH Nirvana's Mini Cooper

3 girls, 2 boys  Available late Dec.

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WyHaven puppies will occasionally be available from a carefully planned breeding.  Pets are sold only with a spa/neuter contract. These puppies are the result of selective breeding based upon the quality and extensive health testing of the parents. If interested in a WyHaven puppy, please complete the application below.




Felicia and Fiona

(Ready for New Homes Now)



















The right puppy for your family may require a wait. A puppy is not a good impulse buy!!! If we do not have the right puppy available for you, we will attempt to connect you with a reputable breeder and/or Havanese rescue.


The Havanese breed is one of the fastest growing in popularity. With that popularity comes unethical/uninformed breeders and puppy mills willing to offer buyers a "deal".



  • Ask to see the health testing results on each of the parents. They should be able to give you a copy or provide you a link to each dog's results. At a minimum, you will want to see a CERF eye that is done annually, hips, patellas, and cardiac testing documentation.

  • Visit the breeder to see the conditions in which the dogs are raised. Don't make a purchase because you feel sorry for the puppy. You are only encouraging that breeder to bring more puppies into these sad conditions. Get a written contract that specifies the health guarantee and other conditions of the purchase. Reputable breeders should always tell you to return the dog if anything happens that you are unable to keep them. They never want their dogs to end up in shelters or rescue.

  • Shipping puppies is not a good thing since they have to ride in the cargo area of the plane. It's best to drive or fly to get your puppy from the breeder.

  • Although some unethical breeders can pull together an impressive website, you can look for red flags. If they always have lots of puppies always available, that's a sign that the breeder may not be carefully planning their litters. Does the website feature many different breeds or designer breed mixed puppies for sale? This is a big puppy mill alert. Look for the full registered names of the parents. If the puppies are identified only as "Cutie's Puppies" or there is no disclosure of the registered names of the parents, this gives you no way to verify pedigrees or health testing.

  • The average price of a Havanese puppy from a good breeder is $1500 - 2000. Finding a puppy at a cheaper price indicates that the breeder has taken short cuts to producing a quality Havanese. If you can't invest this amount of money in a puppy, consider Havanese Rescue or a retired champion adult. Saving money on the purchase price of a puppy may result in receiving a pet more prone to large vet bills due to genetic problems or one that doesn't look or act like the Havanese you were expecting.


GCHS WyHaven One in a Zillion

GCHB WyHaven Gogo One in a Zillion (ZeeZee)  X
CH Hinz Brandywine Magic Charm (Jinxie)

Both puppies are girls. Felicia is very outgoing and active. She would be great with children.  Fiona is smaller and a little more laid back. She is probably more suitable for an adult family.

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