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This is a picture of us, Cathy and E.Ann, with our gang.  Our journey in the Havanese world began when we both were experiencing the "empty nest" syndrome.  E.Ann works with children with special needs and had been asked by a family for dog suggestions for a child with Autism.  While researching breeds, she found the Havanese- a small but sturdy dog who is great socially and also hypo-allergenic.  At this time, Cathy's husband Bob was going to give her a dog to fill her "nest".  When they heard E.Ann talking about this wonderful breed, they decided it should be a Havanese!


That was over 11 years ago and Havanese weren't that easy to find. When Cathy located an adorable little puppy, she was off to visit the Tapscott's in Missouri and pick up her little MoJo.  Pamm told Cathy that this was a special boy and that she would need to show him.  Cathy said, "Sure". When she returned home with her pup, Cathy phoned E.Ann and said "We're going to show a dog" :-) 


Our dad raised hunting dogs and participated in field trials but AKC Conformation was a whole different thing!  Long story made short, here we are hooked on this adorable breed, traveling to dog shows and trying hard to improve the breed by raising healthy, beautiful puppies.


E.Ann is partial to the boys and they live at her house.  The girls live with Cathy and Bob.  Bob built a grooming room for us and that is where much of our time is spent!


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Our first Havanese -

CH Tapscott's Mohair Jo "MoJo"

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